10 Things only Moms with Daughters can Understand

Accept it! There are a few things only Moms with daughters can truly understand! Whether its cuteness, emotions or shopping, everything is multiplied by two, or three. Oh! Wait, maybe five times. Never mind, let’s just agree on exponentially!

From the time I have known that we can grow up and have kids of our own, I have dreamt of having a daughter. You know those dreamy teen days when everything seems to be a fairy tale? I was the queen and I was going to have princesses without further arguments on that!

And, as it turns out that I am the Queen of my house (albeit, self –declared) and I do have princesses. And, the fairy tale continues…

Having lived through the fairy tale, I realize that there are few things only Moms with daughters can understand.

Here are 10 of them.

1. Pink and not guilty

Your house has an overload of pink – almost nauseating – and you certainly find it cute! Right from clothes to potty seat – everything is pink. Now all those who are called Pinky at home, please raise your hands!

2. The more you shop, the more you need to shop

One dress bought. The second one was too cute. The third one was just irresistibly adorable. The fourth one was just so Awwwww!!

And, then comes the matching-matching fever. The hairbands, and bows, and shoes, and hand bags, and sometimes even matching dresses for the dolls.

The awwwww factor is directly proportional to the shopping bills and inversely proportional to your will power.

3. You’ll know all the Princesses by-heart


It all starts with a “Princess on board” sticker for your car. You know you are a Mom with daughters if you have seen the same princess movie over and over again! Not only do you know them by-heart but you also have towels, pencil box, lunch box, curtains, bed spreads and pretty much everything with princesses. Your house is one big fairy land where all the princesses reside.

Currently, we are going through a long haul of Elsa craziness at home. Now, she even wants the Frozen powers. How I wish I could simply add that powers to my shopping cart!!

4. Your dupattas are their sarees

Once you have dealt with the princesses, you have to deal with your dupattas going missing. Dupatta is a to-go thing whether your little girls want to play teacher-teacher, mummy-daddy or princess-princess (remember that long flowy thingy on their shoulders!!).

Yesterday, my kids were playing monster-monster using a dupatta! Now, I dare not imagine why the monster was wearing a saree out of all?

5. Dozens of hairbands you buy, but, where are they?


Those who seek shall find. But, those who seek shall “never” find hairbands and hair clips. They have minds of their own. They pop up at the most unexpected places at unwanted times, but, when you seek they conveniently vanish.

6. Constant fear of your dressing table being invaded

Forget the toys. The most interesting play area is Mommy’s dressing table. So, if your treasured lip colour or make up kit was invaded mercilessly, breaking your heart into tiny little pieces, I know how it feels.

It feels like you are having daughters at home 🙂

7. Flood of emotions

10 things only moms with daughters can understand

Little girls are very emotional and cuddly beings. Bank on them for some unexpected hugs and kisses giving you an Oxytocin (the feel-good hormone) punch! A deliberate sad face made by Mamma is translated into heart-melting hugs and kisses from the little girls.

Mom gets hurt or the daughters, everybody cry. You get them their favourite stuffs and they kiss, you kiss and everybody is kissing and cuddling. Then, for no reason, you are hugging, they are hugging and everybody is hugging each other.

8. They know the different shades of same colour

Daughters have an inbuilt mechanism of identifying colours that refuses to fall in line with their Dad’s colour IQ. With a wicked grin, you enjoy conversations like:

Papa, I want that pink dress
But you already have a pink!!!
Papa, but this is a different pink!
Whatever! It’s still PINK!!
No, it’s not!
Yes, it is!
No, it’s not!!
Papa doesn’t know anything!

(That “anything” can give you the most satisfactory grin! I know… )

9. Your house is stuffed with stuffed toys

Papa bear, Mamma bear, Minnie mouse, Rabbit, Kitty, small dog, big dog and yet another dog! Stuffed toys are everywhere! Don’t even get me started on Barbie dolls and kitchen sets!

10. The best buddies

Mom daughter buddies

Daughters can be the best buddies to talk to. They will not only listen to you patiently but also make you feel so good for having spoken to them. You can discuss anything under the sun and you have a perfect companion – a soul-mate – who will wonder, sympathize, empathize and criticize your talks. And, at times, even understand your silence.

Let me give you a bonus point which is, let’s say, “trending” among the things only a Mom with daughters can understand!!

You end up wearing a helmet with Princess/ Kitty / Teddy on it!

This is a new situation in namma Bengaluru after the helmet was made compulsory for the pillion rider. I saw a lady wearing a flashy helmet and wondering why people were staring at her!

But, don’t we understand that she is a Mom with daughters? 🙂

Life of a Mom with daughters is very privileged and can get pretty interesting. Yes, as I had written earlier you struggle to find your “me time“, as any mother would. But, these adorable, cute, cuddly beings are a source of deep pleasure and joy. And, you get to do a lot of cute stuffs with them 🙂


Also published in mycity4kids.com